The Story Behind Lucid Water Co.

I don’t know about you, but I remember as a kid opening the fridge door and there was that bright orange, purple, red or green jug of Kool-Aid.  It was always there – with tons of sugar.  And man, I thought it tasted pretty good.  As a child, I didn’t really know any better.  But I developed a lot of cavities and other health problems that I’m sure stemmed from all that intake of sugar.  Did my parents purposely mean to do this to me?  Of course not.  They were doing the best they could, and they thought that by giving me that sweet drink, it was a way to show their love.

But then I got pregnant and I brought my first child into the world.  I remember trying to picture what his future would be.  I envisioned him growing and learning, jumping and running, and I wanted so much for that little bundle of joy in my arms.  I wanted to give him the best of the best.  I wanted to help him grow strong and healthy.  I wanted him to be able to lean into his strengths and to develop beautifully; to find his passions, and take charge following his dreams.  And there are many things I’ve done as a parent to help support him and to show him the way; to teach him to live a life of good values and integrity, and I’ve tried to role model this for him in my life’s journey.

I’ve also given him healthy food to eat.  And the one thing that I was darn sure I was going to do was to replace that jug of Kool-Aid with healthy, clean, pure water.  Because we all know that our bodies are made up of mostly water.  Water is the most vital thing, but also the simplest thing. We cannot go for more than 3 days without the essence of water.  But we are not here just to survive.  We are here to thrive.  There is one simple thing we can do every single day, and that is to fuel our bodies with the gift of water. And I know that if it tastes really good, if it is convenient and accessible, and if it’s clean and pure by filtering out all the impurities, then we will reap the ultimate benefits.

For me, this symbolizes so much.  Because I’ve had to walk a long hard road over the past several years in order to bring the absolute best water to your home and office.  I’ve had my integrity challenged, and I’ve had to rise higher.  I’ve been to the point of nearly going bankrupt, and yet I’ve not given up on my vision to bring clean, beautiful water to every home and office.  I could have given up, but I didn’t.  Over and over again, I fought this battle to be here; because I believe in the power that this simple thing can have in our everyday lives.  And I will always stand true to my values.  My integrity stands behind my company and my water filtration products.


Jenny Hinch

Co-owner of Lucid Water Co.