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The importance of sanitizing and maintaining water dispenser systems

Having fresh, pure drinking water conveniently available for hydration is one of the greatest benefits of water dispensers and filtration systems.

However, water dispensers require regular sanitizing and maintenance. Bacteria can accumulate in any water that remains still for a long period. Un-sanitized water coolers and reverse osmosis systems can carry several types of bacteria on various parts of the inner surfaces and housings of the dispenser. Harmful bacteria that have been found in water filtration systems include Staph, E. coli, and many more.

It has been proven that water filtration's systems that are not sanitized can even cause more illnesses than unfiltered tap water.

In one study, scientists concluded that in order to minimize bacterial growth and the risk from infections from water filtration systems, frequent and adequate maintenance needs to be carried out on these systems.

Continuous maintenance needs to be carried out by qualified technicians to ensure that there is bacterial monitoring.

Which parts of the equipment need cleaning?

In all water filtration systems, there are some parts where water may sit for longer, encouraging bacterial growth. Even the parts where the chlorinated water enters the system can be prone to bacteria.

A maintenance and service will sanitize all hoses, housings, taps and inside surfaces of the tank where bacteria can hide and multiply.

Lucid Water installs self-filling water coolers, with or without the bottle, as well as under-counter filtration systems. The water dispensers and under counter filtration systems tap directly into the existing water supply. Each system is serviced and maintained regularly by a service technician to ensure fresh and pure water 100% of the time, and to limit bacteria growth.

Lucid Water Co. takes the guessing game out of when your water dispenser or under-counter filtration system needs to be cleaned and sanitized. We keep track of the installation date and will ensure that every system is serviced regularly (Every 3-6 months depending on your application). A service sticker will be placed on your filtration system and will indicate the service date and the technician who carried it out, offering you peace of mind and ensuring that every cup full of drinking water is pure and bacteria-free.

Contact Lucid Water Co. today and once your water filtration system of choice is installed you will never need to worry about its maintenance and service again.

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