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Quenching your thirst without single use plastic.

Human beings, like all living things, cannot survive without water. As we move around, whether

exploring nature or cities on our travels, or across the cities that we live and work in, we need to have a

constant supply of water on hand to stay hydrated.

Single use plastic bottles are sold at a rate of a million per minute. These numbers are proving to be detrimental to our planet and are contaminating our seas and environment, while also harming marine life and our wellbeing.

How can we all help to reduce plastic waste?

There are two easy ways that each person can help to reduce plastic waste.

1. Buy a good reusable water bottle

Each disposable bottle of water generates 500 times more carbon dioxide than if you were to refill your

drinking water from a reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are the best solution and there are

thousands available online and in shops. Their designs vary as do the material that they are made from,

but here are a few ideas:

Stainless Steel Water Bottles: These are usually designed with ruggedness in mind and can withstand the elements. The better models have double-walled insulation that helps to maintain the temperature of your drink, whether it’s hot or cold and they prevent condensation. They vary in size, so backpackers who need to carry bigger

quantities of water will find one to cater to their needs. Others have loop caps to make them easier to hook onto clothing and backpacks, while some also have a built-in cup.

If you are not looking for a rugged design, look out for stainless steel bottles that are sleek and tastefully neutral to take have with you at work or the gym. Some models are triple-insulated to maintain both hot and cold drinks at the desired temperature.

Plastic Water Bottles: Lots of nice options are available here too, but look out for plastic that is BPA-free. The one that caught my eye was an A5, rectangular flat water bottle that fits easily in a bag. Some reusable plastic bottles can take up to one and a half litres and are ideal for hikers, who also have the choice of opting for a roll up water bottle, ideal for those that need to have many with them. These roll up as you finish their contents and stash into your backpack. Many water bottles also have an intake meter to help you keep track of your water consumption. For those that like to drink with a straw, you can find bottles that have them built in, further reducing your use of plastic.

Glass Water Bottles: If you are looking for a lead-free and plastic- free bottle, then glass is the answer.

It’s not as lightweight as the other options and could break, but some bottles have the full protection of

a silicone sleeve.

2. Get a source of good quality water for your home or office.

Most of the reusable bottles mentioned above can be washed in a dishwasher at the end of the day. Make sure to refill them with the great tasting water from your Lucid water dispenser or under counter filtration system.

Lucid Water supplies great tasting, fresh drinking water to homes and offices. Visit our website

https://www.lucidwaterco.com today or contact us to find out how quick and affordable it is.

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