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Should you worry about plastic in bottled water?

More than 30% of Canadian households buy bottled water. People like bottled water because of convenience, portability and perception that it’s cleaner than tap water. Over the last decade we have seen a multitude of news reports about health dangers of plastic in bottled water, as well as its impact on our environment. But should we really worry about plastic in bottled water? Let’s take a closer look:

Disposable plastic water bottles and your health

Probably the main reason why people choose to buy bottled water is because they think it’s cleaner and healthier than drinking tap water. Unfortunately, these are common misconceptions created in part by aggressive marketing by the multi-billion dollar bottled water industry.

How clean is the water in disposable plastic bottles?

Water contained in disposable plastic bottles is less clean than you might think. Over the years, there have been traces of phthalates, mold, trihalomethanes, and arsenic that were identified in bottled water.

Moreover, some of the popular bottled water brands actually contain demineralized water which is proven to have adverse effects on people’s health. According to the World Health Organization, drinking demineralized water on a regular basis is associated with serious health risks, including direct negative effects on body functions such as the intestinal mucous membrane and metabolic system.

Chemicals in single use plastic water bottles

Chemicals in disposable plastic bottles are known to leach into the water and enter our body. These chemicals include toxic microplastics. Microplastics are tiny plastic particles that are small enough to be ingested. Time Magazine alarmingly reports that disposable water bottles from popular Canadian, US and global brands contain microplastics. In fact, 93% of water bottles sold today have signs of microplastic contamination. Multiple studies have found correlation between microplastics and health hazards such as hormone disruptions, metabolic disorders, reproductive and neural problems, as well as mental health issues like attention deficit disorder. The release of chemicals in single use plastic bottles is especially strong when the bottle is exposed to heat or stored for a long time.

Disposable plastic bottles and the environment

Did you know that less than 50% of single use plastic bottles are collected for recycling and only about 7% are actually turned into new bottles! These plastics not only fill the landfill, but they also add toxins to our environment, pollute our oceans and our atmosphere. Just think about it – that disposable water bottle that you’re using for only a few minutes will stay around and cause harm for over a 1000 years! Plastic and its toxins end up in the air we breathe and in our oceans. Plastic kills ocean animals that ingest it and it contaminates our seafood. Moreover, the plastic production process contributes to negative effects on climate change.

We invite you to read and share our blog on plastic water bottles and the environment for more awareness on this important issue.

Just say No to disposable bottled water

So please do yourself and others a favor and say no to disposable bottled water. By doing so, you will live a healthier life, save money and help our environment. Here are a few tips on how to stay hydrated in a healthy way:

  • Use a reusable bottle for your water and make it a habit – take it with you everywhere you go – office, running errands, gym, traveling, etc. For additional motivation, check out our blog with 5 reasons to refill your reusable water bottles.

  • Make sure your home and/or office has a water filtration system in place so that you, your family, friends and colleagues are staying hydrated with clean, fresh and great tasting water. The most popular and cost-effective solutions are either a water dispenser or an under-counter water filtration system. Lucid Water is a top provider of water filtration systems in British Columbia for homes and offices.

  • Did you know? The cost of Lucid Water filtration systems is much less than buying bottled water, especially in the long run! Get in touch with us today to learn about our easy and affordable water solutions.

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