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Under Counter Filtration Systems.

Many people today are enjoying fresh, purified water dispensed from a filtration system installed under their kitchen sink.  The convenience and great taste of filtered water naturally leads to higher consumption by every household member.  And we all know that drinking lots of water is so good for you.  But filtration systems are also good for the environment.  People who have a filtration system can fill their own reusable water bottles instead of purchasing plastic water bottles. .


If you own an under counter filtration system, it is easy to use it for cooking as well.  Just put your pot of veggies in the sink and turn on the faucet.  Use filtered water to make your rice or pasta.  Fill a big jug and add ingredients to make infused water.  Easily fill your ice cube trays.  Fill your dog’s water dishes.  Fill a jug and use it to water your plants.  Use filtered water in your fish tank.  The list is endless.


It is very important to ensure your filtration system is maintained properly.  It is a good idea to keep track of when the filters were replaced.  A reputable water filtration company (like Lucid Water Co.) will ensure a sticker is attached to the filtration system so you know when the filters were replaced.  If the water is barely trickling out of the faucet, this is a strong indication that it’s time to replace the filters.   To maintain water purity, you must replace the filters regularly.  Lucid Water Co. keeps track of all of this for you.  We contact you when it’s time to replace your filters and make arrangements for a service rep to come in and take care of this for you.

It is also very important to know the age of your filter housings.  Plastic filter housings should be replaced at least every 10 years.  Otherwise, the plastic tends to weaken with time, and the housing could be susceptible to cracking, which could lead to major water damage in your home.  The date of most filter housings is stamped on the outside or the inside bottom of the housing.  If you look carefully, you should see a circle with numbers inside it that look like this:

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The arrow is pointing toward the year of manufacture. So in this example, the filter housing was manufactured in 2017.

The Lucid under counter filtration system

The under counter filtration system from Lucid Water Co. is a triple stage system.  The trio of filters are specially designed to remove the impurities from British Columbia’s unique water supply.  It’s also easy to customize this system if you have specific issues that need addressing in your home’s water supply.  For instance, if you home is older than 1986, there might be lead present in your tap water.  So you would want to customize your filtration system by adding a lead reduction cartridge.  Or, if you live in White Rock, BC, you might have higher levels of arsenic or manganese in your tap water.  Lucid Water Co. offers cartridges for arsenic and manganese reduction as well.  If you prefer chilled water, you can also customize your system by purchasing a chiller that fits under your kitchen counter.

It’s easy to order an under counter filtration system right from Lucid Water’s website:  lucidwaterco.com.  The basic cost is $235.00, and then you can choose the faucet of your choice, which come in many different styles and range of prices.  This cost also includes the installation.  Place your order online, and a Lucid Water rep will contact you to make an appointment to install your new filtration system.  The technician will usually need to drill a hole in your sink or counter top to install the faucet.  The filters are mounted under the counter.  If you have a fridge with ice or water capabilities, we can usually run a separate line to the fridge so that you can dispense the filtered water from your fridge as well.  This is all done at no extra cost.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact Lucid Water Co. today.

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