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Checklist of 15 things to consider when researching water filtration vendors

There is a misconception that exists in our industry that all water filtration systems are the same, except some are cheaper than others.  Competitors will approach our customers and tell them that they will provide the same product, but at a lower cost.  At first, it sounds like a great deal, right?  But when you really start looking into it, you will see there are actually a lot of differences.  And you will also find out that you get what you pay for.  So, to avoid making any mistakes when researching water filtration vendors, I have compiled a checklist of things to consider before you make a decision based solely on cost.  For your convenience, you can even print off this Checklist here.  So go ahead and compare.  Lucid Water’s answers to all the questions on this checklist are provided below.

  1. How is the water purified? Filtration or Reverse Osmosis?

  2. How many filters does the water cooler have?

  3. How often do they service the water cooler?What is involved in the service process?

  4. Do they clean and sanitize the reservoir or just change the filters only?

  5. What type of sanitizing solution do they use?

  6. Do they leave a service sticker on the cooler so everybody knows when the cooler was serviced?

  7. What is included in their monthly rate?

  8. What is not included in their monthly rate?

  9. Do you have to sign a contract or is it a month to month agreement?

  10. Does the contract automatically renew?

  11. What is the cancellation policy?

  12. Is it a local company?

  13. Is the company readily accessible by phone and email in case immediate service is required (like a water leak)?

  14. Is the company insured?

  15. Does the company have any complaints listed with the Better Business Bureau?

Lucid Water’s Answers

  1. Filtration. The trio of filters used in the Lucid water filtration system are specially designed to remove the impurities from BC’s unique water supply. With filtration, the beneficial minerals are left in the water, giving the water a great taste.  With reverse osmosis, the minerals are removed along with the impurities.  Also with reverse osmosis, a LOT of waste water is created in the process. With filtration, no water is wasted in the process.

  2. Lucid Water uses 3 filters.

  3. Lucid Water services your water dispenser every 3 months (or every 6 months for our residential customers).

  4. With Lucid Water, you are set up on a scheduled maintenance program.  Every time we come in to service your cooler, we are performing a different maintenance task. There is a lot more involved than merely changing the filters though.  We also clean and sanitize the bottle, the inside of the reservoir, the taps and filter housings.  We inspect the water cooler, replace old fittings and tubing, clean the exterior and drip tray, and we leave a service sticker on the cooler so you always know when your water cooler was serviced.  For a quick video demo of this process, click here.

  5. Lucid Water uses a high potency grade of hydrogen peroxide.

  6. Yes, we always leave a service sticker so everyone knows when the cooler was serviced, and what was done to it.

  7. At Lucid Water, your flat rate includes everything, including the installation and any re-locations, the service program, the filter changes, equipment replacements, service calls, and of course unlimited mineral-rich water! You will never see any extra charges on your invoice.

  8. Nothing!

  9. There are NO contracts to sign with Lucid Water. The rental agreement is month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time.

  10. No auto renewing contracts.

  11. One month cancellation notice required.

  12. Lucid Water is located in Langley, BC, with branch offices in the Okanagan and Vancouver Island.

  13. Yes, we are always immediately available 24/7. Call or email anytime. You are never placed on hold, and you will always speak to a live person right away.

  14. Yes, we do carry liability insurance.

  15. No complaints with Better Business Bureau.

One other thing I’d like to mention is that Lucid Water is the only company that offers the cooler with the self-filling bottle.  This means our water coolers are designed for high consumption usage, and are perfect for the busy office lunchroom.  Also, this means you can see the water inside the bottle.  Our competitors’ water coolers have a lid on top of their coolers, and the water is stored inside the reservoir of the cooler where you can’t see it, and so you can’t see how clean and clear it is.

I hope this helps you to make an informed decision, based on facts and not just the price.  And, as always, if you are interested in getting a quote for our services, please click here.

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