Be a Hydration Hero

Get Lucid Water Co.’s filtered water cooler with the self-filling bottle.

Are you storing water bottles in closets and under desks? The Lucid water dispenser is an alternative to delivered bottled water.

Reclaim your office space (and save your spine) with a filtered water cooler that’s plumbed into your existing water supply. Get delicious water on tap without storing or moving bulky bottles and useless empties.

Make your office the inviting and functional space you deserve.

But why have a water cooler if it can’t keep up with the lunchtime rush? Our self-filling BPA-free bottle means there’s always plenty of fresh, cold water available.

Even in the thirstiest lunchrooms, the extra holding tank means our coolers keep the good stuff flowing strong. You can get on with your day faster and well hydrated.

Not all heroes wear capes.

Why Choose Lucid Water Co?
  • No installation costs or long-term contracts

  • Industry-leading service agreement

  • Exclusive triple filter combo for BC water

  • Environmentally-friendly alternative to bottled water

  • Installed (literally) anywhere in your office

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When was your office water dispenser last cleaned?

Bottled water dispensers are rarely (if ever) cleaned. Each replacement jug pushes more grime deeper into the dispenser and into your “clean” drinking water. Even if your provider promised regular service and maintenance, when was the last time you actually saw them? Did they even clean your cooler, or just swap filters?


Most companies show up once in a blue moon, but Lucid Water keeps our promise of the purest water available. For a low monthly cost, our technicians thoroughly clean, sanitize, and inspect your water cooler every 3 months. Installation and extra service calls are free!

Have running water? Get a Lucid cooler (literally) anywhere in your office

There’s no need to have a nearby tap. We can install anywhere in your office in about 30 minutes or less.


The subtle tubing is super durable and specifically designed to discreetly connect your cooler to the nearest water source. You won’t even notice it’s there, but you’ll sure be glad it is.

Want pure water supplied to your ice dispenser or coffee machine too? No problem. We’ll hook it up for free!

If you aren’t convinced, contact us and we’ll give you a complementary scope-out consultation to show you how we can make it happen.

“Putting in your water coolers was the best thing we have ever done here. It is so much better than having to deal with the bottles (making sure we had enough, where to store them and who can lift them in place). The maintenance on our system has been meticulous and always on time. You do a fantastic job!” – Joanne, Phaser Fire

The difference is clear: Be confidently clean

What’s the point of having filtered water if it’s running through a dirty cooler?

Competitors’ bottleless systems hide grime that ends up in your cup.


Lucid Water’s clear self-filling bottle allows you to see how pure the entire dispenser system is.

Have peace of mind that your water is truly clean.

Be a hero for the planet.

Make a small decision that will have a big impact on the environment.

Reverse osmosis systems used by other companies can waste up to 70% of the water used. Lucid Water’s triple filtration system causes zero water wastage.

You can keep delivery trucks off the roads and plastic bottles out of the trash, while keeping clean, great tasting water on tap in your office.

“Having a constant fresh and cold water supply is invaluable both in terms of never running out and from a Management perspective. I don’t need to worry about re-supply orders. The service has also been excellent. Besides the regular maintenance you provide, the only time we had an issue, the unit was swapped out same day! I would most definitely act as an advocate for Lucid.” 
Gord, i to i Logistics

Filtration is a superpower

Maybe you haven’t heard, but demineralized water is bad for your health. When you ingest water that’s stripped of natural minerals, it remineralizes in your body by taking nutrients from your cells. Lucid Water’s exclusive trio of filters purifies your drinking water without removing the mineral goodness.


The exclusive filter combination is crafted to combat impurities in BC water like chlorine, bad tastes and odors, cysts, sediment, and bacteria. This filtration system is also customizable for specific impurities like lead and arsenic.

It makes ‘cents’ to rent a self-filling water dispenser

Never stress about broken parts or running out of water again. For one flat monthly fee, you’ll enjoy:


  • Unlimited mineral-rich water

  • Free cooler installation and relocations

  • Free hook-up to your coffee machine

  • Cleaning, sanitizing and inspecting your dispenser every 3 months

  • Regular filter replacements

  • Free cooler replacements, broken tap replacements, or any other extra service calls

Find out everything you need to know about getting Lucid Water Co.’s self-filling filtered water cooler service (and how you’ll be the office Hero). Just click below to send us your details and we’ll call you promptly with all the information.